"After all things occurred to me,
the void occurred to me."
Louise Glück, “End of Summer,” from The Wild Iris
"All night I stretched my arms across
him, rivers of blood, the dark woods, singing
with all my skin and bone, ‘Please keep him safe.
Let him lay his head on my chest and we will be
like sailors, swimming in the sound of it, dashed
to pieces.’ Makes a cathedral, him pressing against
me, his lips at my neck, and yes, I do believe
his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me like stars."
Richard Siken, from Saying Your Names (via headfullofgold)
"I thought: what if there were a stone with my name on it? Then I thought, what if my name were on every stone? Then: the name of every stone is in me."
Russell Hoban, Turtle Diary
"A turn or two I’ll walk
To still my beating mind."
Shakespeare, The Tempest  (via mythologyofblue)
"I’m sad that you can’t know how I love."
Alexander Sumarokov, from In Vain I Hide My Heart’s Fierce Pain (via c-ovet)
"I was afraid I was going to die and then I was afraid I wasn’t."
Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian (via headfullofgold)




"What are we made of but hunger and rage?"
Anne Carson, Plainwater
"On the edge of the world is a black row of trees, shaking. Moon like a piece of skin above."
Anne Carson, “The Anthropology of Water,” Plainwater
"When yet another one of your kin falls,
you question God’s wingspan, the architecture

of mercy. It is Friday morning, & despair
is the only law

left intact."
Joshua Bennett, “Theodicy (For Renisha McBride),” published in Word Riot (via headfullofgold)